‘I love to work hard, it keeps me off the street’

Ron Deurhof – transportation employee

The Brouwerij de Prael foundation offers employment opportunities for people facing major obstacles to entering the job market. Are you part of this group? You can find work at de Prael. Besides the brewery, the business also consists of a shop and a brewpub, all located on or around Oudezijds Voorburgwal, where the workplaces and functions are divided up. You can learn a new trade in practice and, at the same time, undertake an apprenticeship through de Prael at our associated practical school, in collaboration with ROC Amsterdam. For an overview of our positions, visit https://amsterdam.jekuntmeer.nl/sociale-kaart/de-prael-bierbrouwerij-775

To find out more or to register for an in-person talk, call or send an email to Lieke:

Telephone: 020-4084470
E-mail: lieke@deprael.nl